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Good way For Skin Care Performance

that is about two or three shades darker and your skin color start by trying online around forehead down your hairline across from Caroline bringing all the way to your chin and in the hollows a bitchy out how far can bring this lying down is really a matter of preference you don’t need to act this much detail to your chin a simple I across will do just fine try the same lines on the other side necks to come to your house troop straight line down the side of your nose in between your highlighting don’t forget to bring that down to denounce bringing the line down on drinking proud phone is going to help me make a natural shadows at your face repeat on the other side contouring does the office have highlighting it brings shadows to the areas where you Hyatt and that's what makes it appear smaller and more defined I want to add in line across the tip of the nose this case that dimension and it appears more natural when its planned it out I know it's a little upside and I’m sorry I was trying to apply to make up on an A or not the sort I want to get in front of the camera but that's okay if it's not perfect don’t worry once you land it it's all going to come together next using a foundation brush I'm going to pop out collider foundation and I'm going to act more product as needed try and get as close as possible to your country line don't worry if it's not perfect.



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