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Smoking Gun Man T-Shirt

Yes' I'm back with a newer form of fun for everyone to see.

Plus I've invented a new style of artwork using bubble gum. "I'm going to paint inside a human mouth blown gum bubble without breaking or allowing air to escape while using a paintbrush inside the bubble and with wet paint on the bristles to paint on a piece of paper I'm going to enter through one side of bubble.

Before I do so' How would my first viewers like to know how it can be done while the gum is still wet & sticky and gooey-soft, but tight enough to hold the air inside while painting.

Ask me through Comments right here.

And did you know’ that I put a speaker inside an ATV Cycle Tire and produced the first surround sound system and later that same year in 1985, I had also created the face of a giant round-headed bird with legs hanging out of the bottom, wooden wings out on the sides, and added a couple of funning-looking knobs to the top of the tire and then added a big fat mouth-grill to the front center?

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