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Jodie Foster

I myself strong with him (Lei or God), a lot and am with certainty that he is helping me the best he can. He definitely has me working hard for him all of the time. "He has trained me for years on being a superb comedian and a premonition-al-tactic creator that top chain business firms and greater leaders around the globe would want to hear. I have a staff of superb angels that help me get away and do things that works well. You've heard of Roswell, New Mexico's incident in 1966? I'm connected to it and the dialect of Area 51 being my chief commanders until I give them what the hope I may remember or pickup from my father's creativity or vision before he died onboard the star vessel and if it would come thru unto me by (memorial-genes) from earlier days where we once lived inside of Jupiter and Mar's grand in-cave stations. {Remember' water-containment eyes cannot see like liquid-hydrogen-genes can see}, or we would be confused by all the objects around us that entities and celestial beings can only see with spirits (running & flying to zig-zagging before our vision and where they use the bathroom before us and while were riding bicycles to driving automobiles would cause us to wreck often). Especially, if they notice us seeing them flying directly at us until we end up as their "wrecked amusement" or a sack of human-potatoes rolling around to hoping we would be able to crawl back and piece ourselves back-together-again. See I'm a different creature that possesses Aaron

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