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Kim found her way to Simone after breaking free and suggested jumping off the balcony. They were rescued by the police moments after. The Kim Kardashian robbery took place in the early hours of 3:00 am.

Kim’s public life

Kim Kardashian public life has a highly publicised lifestyle that is highlighted personally by herself and the media that is constantly following her around. During the entire Paris trip, Kim’s was tailed by the paparazzi who are extra zealous in Paris. Additionally, Kim has a huge social media presence whereby she Instagrams photos of herself and shares Snapchat videos of her activities. These factors may have contributed to giving the robbers the exact details of her location and her immediate surrounding. Notably, Kim shared a Snapchat of her conversation with her brother Rob Kardashian before the robbers where she revealed she was alone in her hotel room. This definitely helped the robbers with their Kim Kardashian robbery plan.

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