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Christmas Light Party -Where trading and breaking is fun!

I knew I was weird! But this looks weirder-"er-er" or do we call it reindeer pus glowing under my mistletoe or flopping under my bunny's flopping ears in and also under my hair over somewhere -strangely or weirdly -over there.

More Amoxenyte Kiddoes -glowing like galaxy meteorite fun bears.

"Did I say angels??? "No -I said -Fun Bears'' "---->" but why?" Do I look like I even can swear and become smeared rum candy players or sayers or jumping bean careerz - >-- -<>->To think that I drank to much after I pulled a tendon again!!! -in my underwear.... "Yes!" Underwear have tendons." I seen one to believe.... But not to fear! It was just a little turtle head winking at me and saying "Hi" with a strong and peaceful glare!

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Avatar ang3l_d3_amor

Ang3l_d3_amor On 21/08/2014

hello very good
you spend a good day
very kind to spend
got a fantastic space
see you

Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 21/08/2014

space - storage space - under your carpet to warm my feet for you ;o) before I wonder through a puddle of muddle and café free to be with some zing! ooogh" I havto go back to beddie bye ... woke up w/pulled tendon at 4am and drinking myself sleepy good nighty feelin coming stronger.

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