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Star Abode - Hippies Figurative Exactly - Exact Flowery Dress

I have been watching a lot of modeling and fashion shows with tons of friends wearing various materials and I decided to show them what I had been seeing in dreams for awhile on women.

Years ago. I seen something similar with a Bob Marley show and a Zimbabwe native woman, perhaps in her mid sixties was wearing an apparel that looked sort of similar to this I created.

And her dialect with voice was strong and enjoyable. And a Cayman Islander left shore in shorts also similar on a surf board and I thought how there looks and voices were unique I had to just create something for their brand of entertaining and celebrating sports and dance wear.

Zimbabwe Native Natives Beyond Stars Marley Bob Bob Marley Fashion Exhibit Galaxy Meteorite Elaborant Exotic Fire & Knives flaming knife art work of art aaron a amyx Sue Jolie Krint Kraze crave Krave boarders surf dresskayman cayman star

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  • corazonde_cera


    Espacio para subir las mejores y tiernas imagenes de muñecas de todo tipo
    que tuvimos en nuestra niñez .

  • torrente_de_amor


    Chicas ye-ye de los 60 ,aqui en este espacio de habla hispana solo .
    Moda y complementos vintage .
    amor y poesia ........etc .

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