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VIDM: Make-Up and Styling Course

In today’s dynamic Fashion Industry Make-up and styling are like two peas of the same pod-A Stylist with make-up skills justifies the role of a stylist and vice versa. Fashion Stylists’ frequently liaise with make-up artists to accomplish diverse looks and forms, which would be near impossible, if they were to work in isolation.

Make-up and styling are like two peas of the same pod and a stylist must be an amalgamation of both to be thriving in today’s dynamic Fashion Industry. At VIDM, we offer a short term course of six months in Make-up and Styling wherein students learn the art and science of both techniques in tandem. This exhaustive course is the master key to all the elements of professional makeup and styling techniques. Students enrolling on this course will be offered a studio education to study the essential techniques of make-up such as colour theory and lighting, skin preparation, highlighting and contouring, corrective makeup, period piece makeup, fantasy and Avant-garde techniques. This will be pooled with an understanding of the Apparel and Image Industry, Lifestyle and accessory factors, Forecasts and Trends that assimilate all the elements necessary to realize the desired look.


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