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Mushroom Valley one of my Favorite Creations -w/Magma Flowing

Funny Thing!

I went to look under the heading "galaxy meteorite" and found the face of Clint Eastwood up on the site.

I wonder why he would want to show himself off there?

Maybe he wants a new face!

I'm not so sure.... But I think I could recreate his hat's base-brim with some fancier stuff. The question though? What would he truly want.''

Anyone have a clue?

Well' I do have some other plans and ideas for many other faces first. But if our friends at the big place on top of the hillside where ghosts periodically like scaring me. I might have to go and eat more cookies.

Then we can eat his hat after it turns around becoming like popular fat. Melting and Oozing off the side of a big juicy piece of bacon rind. Mmmmm-mmM. ''Well'' There went my appetite out the window chasing a flying naked chicken.

Good Night Everyone!

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Maux_d_elle On 13/05/2014

(following the glowing mushrooms
dancing with the fireflies trees
and slowly licking the sky
until the clouds disappear....)

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