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Insidious Monster or Tarantula-Wasp Fossil in Wheeler Limestone

After finding the mysterious pyramid on a nearby mountain in where I least expected to do so by Swasey Springs -here in Millard Co., Utah just recently. I would find myself leaving -before the mountain even thought about scaring me with a quake of any sort.

So I would see this mustang (wild horse) all in black hair coming directly at me as if he wanted me to stop and hand him an apple.

But instead! He runs back to a group of other horses where rocks on the ground look extremely spooky for irregular and jagged to sharped-edged looks in all sizes.

Then after getting a few photos of the wild mustangs I would trip over a few other stones and turn this one up on one side and ''to my surprise'' I had to look hard at this find. But in which was covered in soil and after cleaning the dirt away. I would look harder at it and stare.

Until I realized what was actually in my hand looked very similar to something I started seeing around my home alive back around in 1997. It looks like a wasp! - ''Doesn't it to you?"

Or could you pay me to believe I was just holding up a dirty old stone here.

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