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Y a t-il encore quelqu'un qui a le courage d'essayer d'y comprendre quelque chose ?

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On March 31 2016 at Amiens, Picardie, France 11 Views

Avatar phildard

Phildard On 04/04/2016

en un mot ça devrait suffire, je te laisse deviner...

Avatar ben_never_been

ben_never_been On 04/04/2016

J'ai SALOPE en 6 lettres...

Avatar ben_never_been

ben_never_been On 06/04/2016

ou LOPE-SA pour les gens des quartiers latins...

Avatar kangourou35

Kangourou35 On 31/03/2016

Très drôle
bonne soirée

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    All uploads should include an element of light play.
    This group is about the streaks, blurs and other
    effects caused by long exposure shots and lights.
    These blurs can be caused by the lights moving, the
    camera moving, or both lights AND camera moving. BE

    Photos that look like a failed attempt to take a night
    shot will be deleted. If you cannot hold the camera
    still enough to take a good night shot, you should
    wave it around like crazy to get a good borriscos

    You can also use lights to paint shapes in the air.
    Explore the possibilities!

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    This group is about dead zones all over the world.
    The goal is to have nice pics of abandonned places to make graffiti writers dream (and other people too!)

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