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Violet and Her Cheeky Monkey! ;-)xxx.

Hola amigos!

Dulce amor a ti desde Cheeky. Las vacaciones son casi aquí y nos están preparando para pasar un buen rato y compartir algunas fotos también. Únete a mí en mi jardín de fotografías!

El amor y los mejores deseos de Cheekybelle! ;-) xxx. xoxoxoxo

Olá amigos!

Doce amor para você a partir Cheeky. Os feriados são quase aqui e estamos nos preparando para ter um pouco de diversão e compartilhar algumas fotos também. Junte-se a mim em meu jardim de fotografias!

Amor e melhores desejos de Cheekybelle! ;-) xxx. xoxoxoxo

Hello friends!

Sweet love to you from Cheeky. Holidays are almost here and we are getting ready to have some fun and share some pictures too. Join me in my garden of photographs!

Love and best wishes from Cheekybelle! ;-)xxx. xoxoxoxo

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On November 25 2014 at Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 1517 Views

Digital camera : SONY / Cyber-Shot

Avatar florencialedesma

Florencialedesma On 19/12/2014


Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 04/12/2014

"Well at least a blue bonnet violet girl is near"

Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 04/12/2014

Aaaggggggg-gggghhhH a "'"monkey""' - Rruuuuuuuuuunnnn!!!

Avatar fulguriteman

Fulguriteman On 26/11/2014

How in the world you got that suit on the monkey is beyond me!

"I'm sure you didn't use tweezers-now" Of course I don't even know why girls would want to try to figure out on how or try to put on things like tights or stocks -since they so much like stretching spider webs and being possibly sticky the way most children handle candy and jelly beans to cotton candy. You would think every gal would just leave them things alone until the spiders returned to carry them away. In where you girls won't have to worry about being bitten by a spider with a sweet-tooth or many with wanting the nourishment of sweet girls. d\O)=

Avatar createyourdream

Createyourdream On 25/11/2014

hi! ^^/

rsrs little miss!!
is in December right?

here goes VERY need rain! ~.~
major metropolitan areas are suffering from water scarcity, and the biggest one should be without water until the beginning of the year [and the probable reason for this occurring is excessive deforestation (and illegal) from amazon by contractors]
luckily (for now) here in rio not yet reached the critical state of são paulo (in fact, they are even stealing water here hidden ;p rs)

ah! thank you!! ^^
and you beautiful photos ^^

have a nice day too ^^
bye ^^

Avatar modare_vintage

Modare_vintage On 25/11/2014

saludos de nuevo cuanto tiempo
bueno me voy saltando como un canguro

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