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Dragon Foot Monster I produced in the 80's w/o Scribbling in ink

Original Size is Poster size 22'' by 33''

Drawn in with magic markers and nothing was scribbled over, not even a line.

Size of magic marker tips: 1/16'' of an inch.

Then I digitally reversed colors here to see how it would look on a computer.

[Next image of monster cavern sunglasses will be up in a couple of days. It's an actual pair of glasses where I'm adding my amoxenyte imitational coral to lenses up to 2'' deep and fish will look like they're living inside these caverns. Glue I'm using will take awhile to dry per coral line and rough exterior to be sealed tightly and strong. Its a stronger cement and lighter when dried. I just added hanging vines to place fish on about two hours ago.]

dragon foot monster scene art work painting magically done amazing work magic marker tip covers w/o scribblin w/o going cross line not scribbled in watercolor inks colorful beautiful tonnage of time leanage time exposure length work of art rough coralimitational amor scribbled not poster-size KA ET cool com flash 1986 2014 me my looking lines not crossing drawing marker depth marker tip width marker width tip width tiny tip

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Goldensilence90 On 11/05/2014

Que descanses y tengas un domingo hermoso!!




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