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In the werks I created dis& look'n' back Hairdoo is Geode Great!

I knew sometimes I would get way ahead of myself and wouldn't look back. But there are those moments I just havto see how things look over again and again.

It's got to be better than having someone shoot bubble gum and wet gummy bubbles in my hair. The geodes were for sale and headed to a Californian Gem Faire & Rock Show just a few months ago. And if they didn't sell! I'm sure they will eventually.

They were to beautiful in person to just take photos of them. So I know there's going to be purchases for them $60 to $800 geode halves. "I believe they were just fixed up for show and tale where collectors would pay high dividends for them and put them away for private parties or public viewings.

Recently I told the geode people to make sure to cover other locations formore sales. I know of a great many.

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