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Cut-Outs and Paste-Ups (from Galaxy Meteorite - Amoxenyte - Fire Brick & Dragon Coral Amoxenyte) by Aaron Amyx of Delta, Utah

Professions - Sculptor, Sales Perk, Musician, Welder, Rustic-Joinery, Drawing, Audio Story Creator, (I narrate stories as fast as I see them in movement (from out of my original dreams) to microphone, comic, planet builder, to making Gods, and Slop-Bolting, geologist, anthropologist, to Inventor and innovator, to pure working idiocy as a stunt creator.

I also plot, plan and create almost everything -periodically throughout the universe with the rest of us nuts on earth.

cheepbear jewelry artisan i'll be back amor scene scenery art modelo brasil candy paint bearrito placer anthropologist geologist comicaudio story creator narrator sales perk got to go tempora tempered-fool strong hold crazy fox different felicidad happy smile run-in-to match work dave genie sierra kole return their childrenfast or someone someone before hurt leftovers for gators xxx KA case finger barpaint digital digital fire art AAA Fulgurite Man Chris Ron Francisco france escalante bryce nat. park jrock trebolitas deus spades passion amoxenyte galaxy meteorite galaxy meteoriteet elephant head elephant head peak summit peak lions garage door art garage door art boat kayak

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