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I hope I was credited for this in the newest movie that's out.

Because I'm getting fed up in others not crediting me.


This elemental plane - may not be so infamous or so much as science fiction can claim.

Would you all like to know how to control cosmic rays to give lift to flying people and cars?

Would you like to see "cars actually flying" and put highways and roads out of business?

To allowing pavement to disappear and allowing po'ore people to take over in keeping paved roads strong to the best of their ability.

VINISW highway plane elemental plane elemental drift drift tubes elementail holes elemental entry hole amor armored bears emo food scene scenery art art by reddauug bullet train bullet train entry elemental train plan plane train to fall like loopers bloopers troopers alia book eli temple of mind temple mind elevating aaron a amyx extraterrestrial art et et coral art work of art hemisphere plane spherical plane crossing the univers can bears fly cosmic rays my genes are cr molecular genes dna is fake it alternates freq.t frequently alters dna alters 24-7 a day date girls xxx KA deus spades transquition plane rod hot cool not my me 2014

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Reddauug On 02/08/2014

but that's okay.... I got to get to do something different in return. and since some people don't like the idea flying cars are next in my agenda to design in real life -who cares, cares about horrible pollutions anyway. Imagine - two spindles with a large beveled arena within each. at approx., 3' in diameter with rotating propeller blades and there imploding and exploding in a sequence in burning in and outside fuel spraying through orifice nozzels on inside spindle walls and on outside burning and intaking "burning-exhausting flames and additional fumes that give generation to vortex of heat manifold-expansions to give lift - carry - and - drive in self fluent moves to customer satisfaction and go up to 900Klm a minute. "and you probably think i'm joking - everyone ....? "Hmmmm-mmhhH..."???" - aaronaamyx - amoxenyte - aaronamyx - extraterrestrial coral art "and" aaron amyx on redbubble art -instead of hosting the past idiots that ran "art.com" but it really wasn't their fault they didn't know what they had until they removed my three art images of GM. -was it?- "then other new sites started pushing to trying to enforce me to join them "by making similar-looking artwork in other contrasts" and I'm just a little slow snail crossing a highway. that doesn't and cannot trust those three people in my life that are pretend to bees ;o) police are following me everywhere... ? due to ..."?" (&Uall knoabot the snaps onback of baseball caps being an uncle of mine's innovation).

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reddauug On 02/08/2014

his innovation started out as shirt ties with snapping lines to place around under collars until a bendable metal snap came out by another inventor and ruined years of his hard work and "not really thinking about other ways of doin things easier" until ball caps needed away to be adjusted on individual heads. then his wife had to show me a book of interesting innovations produced by all sorts of people, when I realized, I was onto something due to reshaping vortexes and formats of cardboard to wooden constructible newer ideas since the age of 8

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