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I found Photo... Could this be you or someone you know of...?

If she owned or unless she owns a piece of this material she's made from.

Usually I call the material today a piece of Amoxenyte

Putting the material with or on a photo-card is like getting my actual signature, and person can receive both actually for a certain amount. (my signature in ink and a one inch square piece of amoxenyte) is ten dollars.

You can contact me directly through amoxenyte on eBay. If any trouble comes in to keep you from receiving that detail. Please let me know and we'll clean that up fast as possible. (sometimes problems can delay movement on ebay and sometimes you may not be able to see my site there) So let me know.

Sometimes web services gets problems like we all do from time to time and we strive on making the internet service as non-corrupt as possible. If any person lives outside the North, Central, or South America - S&H will be an additional "two-dollars and ten cents'' so be ready for a change in all those photo-cards values that you make & copy. For everyone of you that had made a copy these photos of mine (of a recreated one) you can also receive my signature and a actual piece of a Galaxy Meteorite or Amoxenyte to add to your photo card through amoxenyte. Just go to ebay (and sign in for free) and then you can ask me anything.
Value of my signature and amoxenyte is ten united states dollars. If you would like to use a prepaid check I will accept them too. To Aquamyx Rocks - 946 E 5500 N - Delta, Utah 84624

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    Este es un grupo fotolog, para que todos los aficionados de la gran fotografía,suban aquí su mejor trabajo.
    Todo tipo de técnica fotográfica es bienvenida,siempre y cuando este adentro de las reglas de fotolog

    This is a group photo for all fans of the big picture, upload your best work here.
    All types of photographic techniques is welcome, as long as this in the rules of fotolog

    Arte de la fotografía
    Photograph Art

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