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Nipple -anybody? It's actually a rare Coral Ring on Limestone

naturally had grown on up through the limestone when the stone was soft like mud and though to close eye focus appears to be sitting on the surface.

the coral grew on a thin stem with flat circular pancakes separated by a few centimeters apart.

this was a plant that is past gone since the cretaceous period and may even be from further back to Proterozoic.

most of everyone told me I am not going to find such a thing because it doesn't exist in today's books. because not enough proof was out there.

earlier I found a tiny one and then a similar one at close the same size. now I have found a fresher and larger one. Thought we are seeing this one from a top view.

and I have half of one disk with unique patterns in it, that I found years ago up closer to the top of the House Range Mountains.

if I had the proper saw I could cut it out of the stone I found it in. None the less, it will have to stay put for a while. ''Well at least I have a picture of it.

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