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Heard few rascals talking about him after I put up first image

On my other site - amoxenyte - I even mention his crazy fanatics and infidel structural actions.

What his past friends and foe doesn't know about him. Is that his own parents couldn't put up with him and he ended up in a boarding house. Living amongst horrors and dangers that he wasn't raised up into.

The people living there are criminals and gangsta bandits that took him in to teach him their advantages and mistakes, until a revivalry and other friendly acquaintances had shown up and took him in and decided to give him a normal low-paying salary job.

Now he's working in Salt Lake City talking to his original parents that couldn't afford to feed or cloth him for a long while due to mishap and misfortunes from major lay-offs all over the area.

After I first met him when he was ten years old. I sensed and felt he would make it in the world. And be brighter than most youth that I lived around. And I know most boys around here don't want to heard boars and hogs all their lives. (from: Pen to Pen).

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