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In 1994, a girlfriend would walkout my front door after she had lived with me for a year. Three weeks later. I have this dream on how to capture celestial being soupy-surprise.

Then I do so. And this becomes my first painted feather concept in which I would call at first, fire paint. Stones can actually be found in some of my creations and this is of a piece with a few mixed in.

Another plan was to call it -Fire Gem- or -Fire Brick- but I couldn't do that quite yet until I let everyone know this was a new art style that I created. Although she bought four paintings of my watercolor - magic marker - and a - acrylic one.... She also gave them to a new boyfriend and he left her.

Strangely -how things can workout for the better half than the butter-ball she left behind. ;o)

Then I create another style called ''Fried ABC Gum-Art'' It's collected from out from under restaurant tables - fried, cooked, sculpted and painted to made to look like flowers on cards.

And I would give them out as ''funny gag-gift cards'' and the look on peoples faces after that and they heard what I was doing looked really and strongly -crazy. As if they thought I was very sick and nuttz!

''What do you all think?

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Cheekythegnome On 23/06/2014

Excellent! I like it! :-)xxx.

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