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Tree Houses and Arch with Plateu Islands - very stringy

Best of my favorites in creativity. I hand drawn this on a page at 9x12 inches in black ink as I've done with hundreds since I started out at 2-1/2 years in age.

All my life I wanted to draw where ever I could find the right place. Home was forbidden because parents and tv or radio was to loud and I couldn't handle noise to much. To thinking how my work should look before I started and before I finished.

Shortly I would start drawing in public restaurants during less busy hours and get caught up in very busy times and I would meet newer friends outside my home residence and residential areas I met several friends that wouldn't travel out to town much. But only in a great once in awhile they would go out.

Most of the time I would draw and drink fluids in the public places and eat at home when I would finish each drawing. Most of my drawings took up to three and four hours to do. While 9/10th's of the time, they would be done in a little less.

This type of drawing for me started back in 1986, after I tried to draw some works at home.

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