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Drawn in front of a Live Audience in a Public Place in 1995

I started drawing in public places in 1986 due to needing the clean space of a table and in restaurants I knew would be quiet and not so noisy during non eating hours in Provo and Orem, Utah.

I needed a lot of room and a few witnesses to what I drew before taking them over to an art collector that needed various works for a special scheme. (75 drawings to be exact).

Then I would shortly find he then needed the works in where (blocks out of the completed work had to be separated) so each finished drawing could be colored by screen-printing inks.

After showing him quite a few in the beginning of a group of ten.... He knew he was on his way with my sort of pen-man-ship. After completion - He packed his bags over night and split.

Someone threatened him is what neighbors had heard. "He wasn't allowed to support people outside an organization he belonged too. And he had found out, I was part of a huge gang growing in numbers -everyday. So he couldn't take the chance of being caught by myself or any of my friends. And he left to go to California and then moved shortly from there to Maine.

(This work of art wasn't one of those I did for him). There were similar and simpler works, but wasn't suppose to be of something so scary either. Though in the time period I did create artwork like this. I was resting and taking a break from doing other jobs elsewhere. So this was just leisure work."

I later moved back to Texas where I originally grew up and sold quite a few pieces.

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