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No wonder why my heart wont give up the rythym and beat!

This ink drawing was done in front of a live crowd in 2002 at a public restaurant in Utah by myself. With only eye - hand - and coordination. Also with my imagination.

Since the attacks in New Jersey of '01' a lot more visitors and travelers have come straight across from Los Angeles, California on through out town to Denver, Colorado. "I've never seen so many limos in one area.''

And many that have never been in our area don't know what to do first." "So please plane everything first and learn about Millard County before visiting! And with so many interesting desert scenes - the cowboys and girls get more attention here in my hometown, because most city folks and travelers have never seen the sites I have of an awful many times when mud pours off of boots
(if that be mud)??? and the looks of the western wear is kind of unsettling in these parts. Because most cows usually don't say they are "mooooo-boys" or "mooooo-girls" haeeeer!

"Who ever heard a boy or girl calling themselves - cows or catlle anyway???

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