Avatar cheekythegnome

Miss Iris and her Twin Uncles Skeletor and Skeletor! :-)xxx.

Hello my darling friends ! :-)xxx.

Dolls are back! Hehehe.... Jajaja...

Do you ever get the feeling that there is something nasty behind you???

Você já teve a sensação de que há algo desagradável atrás de você???

Happy days for you all, love from little Cheeky :-)xxx.

Skeletor Brothers Idea Beleza Brutamontes

On May 01 2014 at Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 3 Views

Digital camera : SONY / Cyber-Shot

Avatar solterona_qatik

Solterona_qatik On 02/05/2014

como estas
paso por tu página a saludarte
cuidate mucho
un beso

Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 02/05/2014

I "haven't did a doll -yet! Have I?" ;o)

Avatar cheekythegnome

cheekythegnome On 03/05/2014

Not yet! Maybe soon?... :-)xxx.

Avatar goldensilence90

Goldensilence90 On 02/05/2014

Hello my dear!!

Your photo brought me many memories of my Barbie Dolls!

Thanks for your coming and words!

Sweet dreams, honey!!

Avatar createyourdream

Createyourdream On 01/05/2014

hi!! ^^/

I THINK I have ever eaten meat pirarucu when I visited my grandmother once (many years ago) ;p rs

rs ok! ^^

ah! I remembered something

Lake Hillier, is a lake on Middle Island, the largest of the islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago,Australia.


rsrs ^^
and thanks for having taken the trouble to leave the description in Portuguese! rs ^^

I've had this feeling, and it is more common than you might imagine rs

bye! ^^/

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