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Michellia Bermuda Triangle Geode was one of the Top Sellers

on ebay back when eBay was my friend and proved it. Now I offer these items and no one seems to notice them "like back when I had the collectors attention due to my unique finds". I use to get up to a few hundred dollars from the top collectors and they were adamantly "not trouble" and good ones kept on coming in due to "word of mouth" and asking questions thet kept on bringing in more sales. "But then a few years later I started offering my items like this and I photographed my $2 ads "showing in rows" with never getting any purchases, but rather hundreds of viewers kept on showing up and this would go on for weeks until I ended every single one. Then I went back to listing just a minute few with auction-standards setup again and I waited for a month to trying my older approaches that use to sell and nothing would ever sell again. "The purchases kept on going for other fulg sellers -but mine were not visible. If you just scanned for fulgurite and a few other matching words from my titles. ....I "bet you" wont find them easy or at all!

fulgurite + info on how I'm going to out-sell internet rock sales 311301823234 & 311313792873 -Key Chain or Pack Loop on Neoprene Pincher 4Quick&Lose tools-grip 311309336968 -Fulgurite w/possible geode crystAL,WHALE Bone,hematite,meteor. 311313781852 A year ago' I had similar ones up and fourteen in a row together and not one was seen. So lawyers contacted Ebay asking why, and eBay "Claims" everyone needs change their passwords immediately!

if you seen gifts- -you would know- -why- -i- -had power sales black friend foto work of art artwork style food chica photos me 2015 2014 2013 group fun funny fun strange magical amor armour vintage hair dress fashion button kidz ebay promise ebay ebay sales shoes prom pseudokane3_5 nikki kent's stringy jungle fever + carrot fever Q. A. carrot

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