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From fat to fit #1

After realizing I jave been having some really bad habits, I want something to change. And I want to document it so I can keep motivated and hopefully inspire others as well.

At this point I weight 100kg, I'm 1,77m tall and I hate my short hair.

But I'm about to turn this around. I'm about to reborn.
In this fotolog I plan to document my routine (exercize, eating habits, lifestyle) so I can control where I make mistakes and where I can improve.

I also hope to get to know myself a little bit better :)

About the picture: Today was day 1 of this journey, I ate two cookies (and a piece of cake) I wasn't suposed to and I failed my Squat Challenge. On the bright side I went for a 1h walk, I drank 1,5L of water (supporting the World Food Programme) and my lunch and dinner were healthy!

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On September 01 2014 at Evora, Évora, Portugal 56 Views

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Kikika On 02/09/2014

brigadinho :)

add 😃


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