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Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)

"The golden eagle is a very large, dark brown raptor with broad wings, ranging from 66 to 102 cm in length and from 1.8 to 2.34 m in wingspan. This species' wingspan is the fifth largest amongst extant eagle species. In the largest race (A. c. daphanea) males and females weigh typically 4.05 kg and 6.35 kg. In the smallest subspecies, A. c. japonica, males weigh 2.5 kg and females 3.25 kg."

"Golden eagles maintain home ranges or territories that may be as large as 200 km². They build large nests in high places (mainly cliffs) to which they may return for several breeding years. Most breeding activities take place in the spring; they are monogamous and may remain together for several years or possibly for life. Females lay up to four eggs, and then incubate them for six weeks."

"Golden eagles are opportunists and virtually any animal of a reasonable size may be predated. Well over 400 species of vertebrate have been recorded as prey. Prey selection is largely determined by the local availability and abundance of prey species. They normally prefer wild, native prey but can easily adapt to domesticated and/or exotic animals, most often when the prey returns to a feral state."


Aquila chrysaetos eagle Golden

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