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Butterfly Totem Pole - Digital Artwork by Aaron A Amyx - 2015

kaleidoscope Mixtures is Interesting to me but are not my most favorite.

But its great that a computer can do this for us.

Last time I saw a multi-many natural kaleidoscope images is when I owned one of them tubes. But my parents decided to sell it for $0.25 at a garage sale and they never even looked into valuating prices for most of anything. We even owned original prints of huge giant-eyed cats and kittens. And they to were sold at other garage sales my parents had in the past.

When I saw one of those prints valued at $600 a couple years back. "I couldn't believe it! And my parents sold almost anything and every toy I owned just to survive and get bye for everyday of their lives.

THEN EBAY COCK-ROACHES ME after I tried to make fame and fortune -after trying for several years. "But they only support their "Nazi clan" and that's all they do.

nazi clan ebay supports what? kaleidoscope my digital artwork freamont ny at fees 2015 me amorchica mostly art art gallery fiction dreams gone dreams dont trust ebay! ever ever after gnomedrum decor vote ebay off!

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