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Wooden Sweat or Monolith Trees growth in snow white ink

When I listed original art of mine like this one on eBay, .....No one would look or view the item or bid. It wouldn't get more than one bid and a few viewers.

But on the internet with the same photo and an email I sent to businesses it attracted a great deal of peoples attention that I gotten to talk to several of them at the same time and the word of mouth gotten it exposure when I offered it for a few hundred dollars.

"eBay wouldn't even see it" Not for even a dollar. So I listed it for a penny and didn't get one bid more. "Why?" My title had catchy words and one of them was "nude lady" others were of "ink drawing" "original by the artist" and I combed ebay for similar works and they were selling and getting tons of bids and viewers –with just one word- “nude art”

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    Fotolog creado para plasmar toda la onda retro, estilo vintage, ya sea en moda y música, pero sólo de los años 80!

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