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Tropical Thunder Rainbow Cavern

mixing hundreds of photos of my past works I decided to do something similar to an acrylic painting I did many years back. rarely I sold artwork on the internet due to word of mouth and showing off my pieces in person attracts buyers outside around me faster.

so I work on newer methods of doing art digitally to help me dream up canvas and large board creations that I feel are more real than this digital method.

since my own server wants to give me tricycle speed other than my town's main server that only charges six dollars (in which is way less than I pay huble-bums) and yet they put out speed that's twenty times faster.

so putting up several photos of one of or a bunch of my works is way out of the question. and I don't have too. "huble-bums doesn't need my promotional help anyways! THEY'VE PROVED IT RECENTLY. "WHY SHOULD I PAY MORE!"

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