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Bug of a Thing ......On other natural planets they maybe Real

But not to worry! Humanity will shortly discover the truth when it is time to sort out a figurative amount of no gooders to separate them from their friends and loved ones to ship them to other human stocked worlds or the freshly made new ones (from the creator's assembly packets) to producing newer galaxies and newer world's people need to be tested on and to see how well human stock will stay preserved.

"So Please behave yourselves - always - the best you can possibly do!

My ship was junk and was released upon your galaxy to fall upon your planet earth in 1966, in New Mexico. I'm one of the luckier ones to escape a tortural blood vessel ship that my brother built and wanted to give me a new adventure until mapping was finished for locating all baddies on your earth.

Roswell NM New Mexico Natural Bug of a Thing fulgurite fulgurite man Professional Lightning Hunter Lightning HunterBugs a bug's life my ant my ant-tiss-a-fee tickle me feet bug feet feet bellisimas_ tickled buggy feet tickled feet tickle buggy nature awesume magical chica girl four feet six feet eight feet sixty feet one hundred feet animals wildlife wild the wild side wild hearts wild in content wild in intent intentiveness sensativitiness

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Photos of flowers, plants, bugs, animals, birds, landscape, geology or whatever nature gives you room to breathe. Please be as informative or descriptive as you can about what a plant, animal or rock is. To me, education about nature is a strong part of knowing nature.

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