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Hopeful image -if I caught it on film right,of a friend's ghost?

Tom McIntosh was I thought was my best friend in the whole world, when he left he didn't take me with him. But when he was alive. ...He didn't call me to tell me he had moved to Beaver, Utah. And he didn't call to tell me he was alive and well for four years in a nursing home either.

Then he moves to Delta (our hometown) and not once did he ever call me the whole time he was breathing after a few visits -he was suppose to tell me- when it was a good time to come over and play a few card games.

Humans' You cannot live with them nor leave them alone for a minute! If you aint near the age of Moses when he died. You are still in your diapers.

"Ohhh-hH -NOOO!" I forgot I had to take mine off and get a quick replacement an hour ago.

[Though trying to keep up with an old man that love to fish and land me a dinner every few minutes and him not wanting or liking to eat fish, always had me lost. But he played pool games as well as getting fish with superb luck. We'll miss him always. "Although may he have a blast in heaven."] And strangely enough how all his friends followed one by one after him trying to not be a "spoiled egg" in the end of the line get's to me more. However, they all enjoyed drinking a little to heavy on sour-slow days. So I feel whisky may not of been the way to slumber up. But with the amount of changes. I think they're much happier up there and in throwing lightning-struck magpies at me now. ;o)

OOH GHOST PHOTO PHOTO CENSE PHOTO SENSE FOTO OTOF OTO TOM MCINTOSH SUPER STAR MY FOOT! POOL GAME PRO YES!! HE BEAT ME- -at every game. i shudn't have- -been staring at- -my pink diapees- -during every game. kents stringy jungle AAA-FM fulgurite man lightning man ebay amoxenyte fb aaron a amyx

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Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 28/08/2014

See! -"he cursed me'' for sharing my thoughts out-loud.

Avatar johners

Johners Goldcam On 25/08/2014

Abraçosssss cordiais !!

Boa semana !!


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Harrypotter__10 Goldcam On 24/08/2014

linda foto
gracias x pasar

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Anamariaadolfoam On 23/08/2014

Thank you, my friend.

Good photos, in http://www.fotolog.com/amoxenyte/

The friend Adolfo, of Argentine.

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