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I know Its almy fault! I shouldnt of stepped on that cat's tail.

Carl"""' - Hosea"""" -Timmmm"""' walkning into a house with babies in cribs at 12am in an apartment where ex-convicts live and creators like to pose as friendly neighbors may not been such a great idea. but an idiot that cannot turn his cell phone off with guests and company watching a horrific movie and him allowing his phone to get on all our nerves due to your tremendous help to show he's still in his baby shoes -told us- he needs to add a foghorn to everyone's apartment entries.

That way! The next time boys with knives walk into the wrong apartment. We just aim the weapons at his face... Tie him up and hang him upside down so all the retirees that live in our neighborhood can throw mud pies at his ignorance. [This is not the town to disrupt publically] There are to many cowboys with collections of fun toys to use on children that wave any utensil at any single neighbor they do not know personally.

disrupting convicts retired killers retired bike gangs haunchos walkn in- -on wrong home- can get quite- spooky for the dangers that live in- my neighborhood- too much--can go wrong here! this isn't del ray this is hell- for the- -mischievous- that don't know- -what they're- -walking into. -but is also- -heaven for retirees -and children to- -grand children -to great grand kids funny photofun cute sanctary foto brasil utah nutts amyx fun

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    Recordar es volver a vivir .......................

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    Este grupo abrira paso a la moda en trajes de baño

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