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One similar at 4mm in Length was found in China First.

Then I found this one on Drum Mountain of Millard County Utah.

But the historians of Utah doesn't want me to have any credit or even do they show they even care about my finds in Utah.

Possibly because I'm not a Mon....... "???"

"Can anyone tell me what mon is?" Possibly Cavemon or Womon?????

stringy jungle rarer fossils decor camera black fossil watch dress hair amor foto great research stone man mon cavemon caveman chica party food cinema relic relix relicks lens fish eye flirt wo0nderous flag man

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  • flowerpower


    flowers in their natural surroundings. No coloured or painted flowers. No other things in the picture but flowers.
    As description: Name of the flower and the country where the picture was taken.

  • circulo_dulce


    Grupo dedicado a los lindos gatitos y ahora tambien al mejor amigo del

    hombre tu mascota favorita ,el perro .

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