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Starfish Fossil is a baby towards the recent dragon I found.

Actual size of its round egg is about the size of a miniature whisky bottle cap -like found on passenger planes.

I find the rarest fossils since many collectors started trying to scam me out of true value prices for rare trilobites.

The dragon was found also in an open egg at the size of a fifty cent piece made in the 80's in the US.

"Have you seen my Squid eating an Elrathia trilobite I found a couple years back? It's under my other site: Reddauug

I found my first fossil in Round Rock Texas hunting Armadillo's that was a leg to a brontosaurus in 1978. Near to Sam Bass Road (about four miles west of CD Fulkes Middle School) and another half a mile across a cattle field.

I still own remnants of other fossils I found nearby and wont let them go.

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