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[Analog picture - Mid 2003]

♪You were my friend
I did you in
We saw a time that's better than today
And still it seems
I've lost my dreams
The whole world knows things just don't work that way♪

♫ Toilet Boys - Blue Halo ♫

pals friends old friends night drunk good times fun photos nite Saturday night Drunkenness party punk rock festivity oldies velharias festa street rua

On January 10 2017 at Finland 342 Views

Avatar belenquepasa

Belenquepasa On 11/01/2017

ola muy lindas fotos

Avatar val_freya

Val_freya On 11/01/2017

Obrigada! Feliz ano novo para você também!

Avatar jessica_duarte7

Jessica_duarte7 On 11/01/2017


Boa quarta (:


Avatar frontiny

Frontiny On 10/01/2017

Tenha uma otima semana ;)

Avatar solida_lua

Solida_lua On 10/01/2017


Avatar rafaela_360

Rafaela_360 On 10/01/2017

Oi sumido...

Avatar anninha_sol

Anninha_sol On 10/01/2017

Boa noite!

Avatar nelly_lemos

Nelly_lemos On 10/01/2017

;) Bjo


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