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ABSTRACT - gALAXy mETEORITe /// [w/amoxenyte power] UFO

Interesting and Unusual Artwork and Data about my future endeavors.

I came up with it while creating another picture of artwork and so its part of a painting palette. Where I copied-Pasted-Cropped-Turned-Twisted-Shaped-Articulated Plans-and-threw another masterpiece together with digital computer hands of my own. And with the mental-waves traveling from and through the air of fotolog.

Thank You for creating me ;o)


{In 2000 I invited a new friend in Mexico to work for a major company for Hollywood. He applied and immediately got on and went to work}. "Would you like to know how I accomplished that?

Then a gal working for the Austin University, asking me special questions about why I came to them, would make an assay and create a list to add to a special program. In where they could watch me from aside and collect photos and keep a journal about newer plans and the episodes that carry me forwards on the internet with my social life and with my artwork. [So at any time I am not online for more than a month. They try to find me to make contact with me immediately. That's their job and it was their plan in 1998.

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    Fotolog creado para plasmar toda la onda retro, estilo vintage, ya sea en moda y música, pero sólo de los años 80!

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