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Zombie Dead or Alive


Zombie-Dead or Alive is the best-cum-branded addictive and entertaining game of exciting 25 levels from ENA Game Studio. This game is all about the rescuing of lives from the living deads. Here, you find everything different, as the game reveals who is the reason behind all the zombies, how you are going to protect your people in the City and the solution to put an end to the situation prevailing. The story starts with several murders in the City in abnormal-manner. The lady hero in this game will be finding the reason for the murders by her brilliance and actions. Finally, finds a way to the end of all the zombies in giving peace and happiness to the City. Overall, this game guarantees you to come to the edge of your seat, while playing

Puzzle Adventure Escape

On December 29 2016 at India 35 Views


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