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Sleeping With Sirens

*---------------------* minha camiseta da SWS

camiseta de banda cute emo girl selfie sleeping with sirens

On July 08 2013 at Paraná, Brazil 19 Views

Digital camera : Fujifim Finepix / S4500

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Amoxenyte On 06/05/2014

In the ocean , it is filled with all kinds of crazy stuff.

On the beaches - almost the same. Except for the great flavors and aromas of sea water, salt water taffy, caramels, coffee, oozing melting cheese and warm salty beach blankets.

And on land To much steel, hot pavement, sweat houses and rotting pieces of wood and the strangest of earth creatures.

M&M's and ME - You're a Rocket and I'm a Missile..... What goes along with that' Is anybody's business as long as they realize we own the planet the soonest as were flying over every continent. And going with rhythm in "BoOOM-BoOOM-BoOOM-" - "BoOOM-Boom! -and so forth" Ect...ect.


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