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Marmalade Stars in an Alien Gut waiting to become new Galaxy

Testicles filled with thistles of minute star grains and fairy dust and finding away out through floating globes and orbs and magical spheres to seeking the gateway in through an abyss of solar waves to get the release they deserve.

Shortly they all have to leave before being digested and turned into migraines of solitude for thousands of sorry souls with the help of cursed wands and crystals. Will not be the best way for these super and natural specks of light to spend an eternity. So escape is not evitable to be taken lightly if on courage will pass the time to help ease feeling so weight gases will suspend them to help give them a float lavage to escape through other tunnels.

Especially before acids pour over them and drown them into oblivion to making an inner echo soup of non livable conditions for dusts and not angel keyed-twilights.

and first of all art ash into weavels atleast bathe the & thy soul become the dawn bound for lusts courage gives none cradle the merry draw gun emo farm animals fast cash flaunt the fun flowers in skirts foraging edibles forsaking thee foto foul air takes friends gallery ghostshute girls goodnite. gusts of winds hair into dust human dolls in leaves & twigs mode alamode nude barrens quick spadesshake the curry shrivel into pourage shut-up me! sprinkle the flurry the dog the dust the soul of a savage to appeal abode to break can awake training wheels turned into moles valoure vintage waistland& wreckless warts and sage we all become words wrinkle to shrinkle

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Hanzaki On 03/06/2014

Hi, thanks for your visit

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Tuge On 03/06/2014

Thanks for the Flashes! I'm Friends/Favorite you here, F/F me too?

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Vittynfg On 30/05/2014

Hi, thanks for you coments :)
Have a good day.


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Aimer_kawaii On 30/05/2014

Hi, if the green color is very cute :)


Avatar tose_as740

Tose_as740 On 30/05/2014

haaha its so mosttt tripping galaxy haha te pone a imaginar =) saludos

Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 04/06/2014

I know.... I have another i'll put up later in a few days. total alien looking.

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