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20 years of giving &then church throws 70 year old man out for

Plain "Church of Christ" in my hometown throws my father out for donating most of his life earnings and being great-fully devotional to a church that wouldn't help one single individual that has asked for help (through me) and after all these years of all the shaking of hands. Hastily the gaurdians overtake the church and then their grandmother calls me three years later (on May 6) to say to me:

My children apologized to the congregation and you and your family is welcome to come back!

With no apology written and no one coming forth from the congregation to say it is true. With nothing in writing from a single person, nor their Preacher Mr. Simpson preaching out-loud in this church of theirs today.

Camera man says- He was the only person sitting in a pew behind a row of empty ones in front and on the other side there were about nine individuals listening to a man that has to be no less than eighty years old himself.

And this church building is big enough to hold one hundred members easily.

The other patrons said to my friend here. They use to have many as thirty to forty members some many years ago and most had moved away and they hadn't heard a single word from any of them and they wonder why.

Then a little later - (closer to the end of the preachers lesson) most of the patrons have this prayer for the person who sent a letter to my father earlier, (about being welcome no longer), due to cutting his arm off at work by accident.

cut-off saw prayer for air disk disk saw wheel for cutting steel cutter mechanic bad letter bad church only 9 members nine strong out of ? they threw dad out called my dad a devil called me angel called me 3 yrs later to say ? what? another story brasil mexico members of this congregation must be lunatics crazy out of it! insanely-unjust no letter-no me party emo pink modelo scene foto art stupid evil end of world end of peace funny quotes funny quips vintage micah Fransico Sarre bruck costume anime trebolitas flower power cosplay accused for giving giving hand-cut-off letter barer cut-off no doc will help him cut arm injury costs no money for injury toooo-bad to bad!

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