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Mother Nature Mask (made of):metal screen-plastic-handmade paper

all produced within several hours - with paper I made. cut outs of plastic bottle-string-actual pieces of crop grown barley-wheat-some foxtail grass seeds-burnt leather-and painted with acrylics and tulip fabric paint borders the face with doubled-colored lines.

the handmade paper was pressed in a mold I produced with the help of am empty milk bottle carton. then surrounded by cardboard for additional strength.

even miniature plastic bottle was added after being fried in a brick kiln. (size approx., 19'' x 15'' x 6'' deep). For Sale Pr:500H(usd).... It's a grand beauty you will not be left out at any great conversational party. The amount of viewers is close to 900K and possibly more. Others believe 6M or more. Since I listed it through "Mindscape Art & Frame" Many persecutors have shown strife in changing or wiping out all websites that advertise my artwork due to greed and strife.

Hundreds have tried sneakingly to get my secret recipe for many years since I invented amoxenyte imitational coral in 1994. Even so-called best friends still want to know the recipe and have thought of torturing me to get it in their name or for others. There's a large group of them in my hometown that doesn't want my rare fossil finds or my artwork to be seen . Some have threatened internet sites verbally and side street stores verbally to offering a great deal of money, to overtake and ruin me until they own my secret recipe.

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