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Rarest Thumb Print of them all! Found on very Top of Notch Peak

I found it looking for minerals. It seems to be an actual thumb print embedded in a piece of quartz mixed with iron and other elements. I offered it on eBay many years ago and never sold it. On another side it has a picture embedded in it of a staff with a hooked loop on top. The thumb print is about approx.. an 1.1/8'' wide by 2'' long. Perhaps a giant human creature had squeezed this rock before it turned into hard stone.

I mentioned in ad on ebay that I believe it is a message that we shouldn't of invaded with our troops into Afghanistan and I mentioned why. And before auction would end ebay put a block on it so no one would stop and look at what we had wrote::::

If a man holds a gun up with a finger on a trigger and you raise your gun and drop it to then raise a bible. Would the American trooper be allowed to read it and could the Taliban infantry or soldier would have lowered his gun instead of firing on him?

I believed I was led to this stone as a message. and due to erosion not washing it off the mountain point for as old as the stone looked. I believe that a giant human creature left this for me to do as I did on eBay as a test for eBay and the world.

"GOOD DAY" Humans on Earth...

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On June 22 2014 at United States 8 Views

Avatar cheekythegnome

Cheekythegnome On 23/06/2014

Wow! I can see at least six faces in here! :-)xxx.

Avatar aaronamyx

aaronamyx On 30/08/2014

I can see at least one tripping *** /o)

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