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Swimdress Idea w/Stuff-Plushed bird beaks & Octopus arms Skirt

Shortly after I had seen an ole girlfriend in Tennessee of the U.S.(Cindy Hill) at the local recreation swimming pool wearing a strange tube top made by her mother. I saw another girl in an inflatable tube and realized there is another way to see other fashions.

After a friend's mother put together some beanie smiley-faces and gave them out to every student in my third grade class for a Christmas gift to everyone. I then knew Sharon Kelly's mom had give me a greater idea!

Then Greg Phillips shyness in my face to upholding a force from exploding in a different way after our teacher attacked me to trying to stop me from inventing a weaved mesh paper design. Miss Mary Gross then took everything him and I produced home instead of handing back our artwork (after every PTA meeting).

Then I knew I was truly onto something."

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