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Black Rock an area I had discovered Fremont Ancient Artifacts +

Shortly I would find over a few hundred other artifacts spread out across the territory and lead an archeologist and a team of fifteen college students from different states and from different universities to the area and they would plant over three hundred red flags in areas where more than one to fifteen objects of interests was located together every few feet or more and then draw a topographical map and write on it where and what was found.

This took a whole day. Then one fellow that rode in one of the two vans that followed my vehicle to the destination had to ask: "Why are you carrying four extra tires in your Subaru wagon? My response - because I got three flats in one day driving off roads in areas similar to this place. And being fifteen miles away from the closest paved road here in BR would not be to bright to not be carrying them and several gallons of drinking water.

Then shortly after they leave I would find an unusual and strange rock..... naturally sculpted glassy sickles by being vitrified by lightning striking and touching dry sand made of glassy silicates and various other elements. (Age of artifacts - between 7000 to 15000 years). Age of game fulgurite I found in the same area- older and a few younger. And only three were fully hollow. (Hollow ones in Utah is not common) because other elements through heat process would seal most in. So my prayer pipe or candle lamp ones here make a great collectible today.

1st Utah Fulg Finds aaa-fm all around. amor amoxenyte sales- and takes great- BRU fulgurite cinema creative force creative gods -deal of orders- disney movie emo felicidad -for collectors- -for Mr. Carter fossil foto foto of rocks fulgie man of Utah fulgurite man fulgurites hair in Disney movie insignia John Carter lightning lightning man lightning strike mother nature natural -nd first Utahan- non-gravity surf -on ebay in USA- -ones and I made- Over 9K Sold prayer pipe fulgs rarer fossil finds rock lightning scene Since 1996- stone lightning strike style surface jumps- -them more popular- -when I fou- wind chime fulgurite -with WCF & PP-

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