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2 COINS -SIMILAR to SKY CLOUD SIGN I Seen on May 19, 2014

I know what they are of and we are all ready for our future events.

On the top cross the lines hanging down are not legs. Those are the ends of string dangling after being twined and wrapped around cross sickle.

Most that have seen the similar symbols know what they're from and found on today.

monkey hang'n fr/tre amoxenyte agot-ajot quiet black foto brasil gallery emo amor art aaron a amyx reddauug girls friends knives & fire art galaxy meteorite galaxy star moon earth questionable doubt no question! sky rocket formation cheepbeargeode valley geode planet funny quips hat bell red kiss coins two 2 coins emblems ambiance strange twisted lair affair quiet people angels

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Fantasstikka On 24/05/2014

Leer con un lápiz en la boca
Que me ponga más bonito/aSapo, sapito Que me vaya mejorcito...Caldero, calderito... Que me abunde el dinerito

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