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Copy & Paste to Stretch to enlarge to see Alligators by me.

Bigfoot or an grey Alien or Green one would of been better I think. Next to my favorite fishing hole isn't a good thing when I'm not getting those bites like I use too. And to think that most of us here in this area rather go night fishing.

"Hell - No" !! I'm not even going skinny dipping here in America if people are going to be so cruel to animals and people.

Just standing on the shore photographing pictures of deer toe and gator prints to bobcat, coyote, wolf, pig, badger, skunk, deer, and mountain lions is just to unreal and to uncanny.

This bad boy is 9 feet long and ate a young deer already.

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Pseudokane3_5 On 09/11/2014

"Hell - No!" Indeed!

I can't see the alligator in the picture, mas I accept your recommendations!

Thanks fot be so pasionate in art and photography!


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    Espacio para subir las mejores y tiernas imagenes de muñecas de todo tipo
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    Sera un apasionante recorrido por el mundo de los dulces,caramelos,pasteles,ademas habrian recetas de todo tipò de pasteles,asi todo el mundo las podria hacer, y ademas tambien podrian subir sus recetas dulces todo el mundo .en resumen un grupo muy dulce y fantastico lleno de caramelos.

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