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Waist Training Overbust Pink Corset For You

Feminine and stylish, this distinctive baby pink waist training corset is finished in a taffeta effect fabric, and is spiral steel boned for the ultimate in body-shaping and support. Wear it as an undergarment or by itself as a striking top, with casual or formal wear, whatever the occasion! Its mild sweetheart bust line gives subtle emphasis to the chest, while the understated detailing along the bones gently accentuates the corset’s considerable waist-cinching effect. This is an expertly tailored garment, most suitable for those with considerable experience of steel-boned corsetry, and if desired could take as much as 6-7 inches off the waistline.

20 Spiral Steel Bones, 4 Flat Steel Bones
Stainless Steel Busk Closure
100% Cotton Twill Lining
Features Modesty Panel
Strong Corset Cord Lacing
6 Suspender Loops
Potential Waist Reduction 6-7''
Corset Length: 15 in
Sweetheart Bust Line


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