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Square Four or Tower Top Frame/Done before Fav..Waitress left us

She could remember every order from every customer without writing any one order down. I drew in this public restaurant longer than most I had visited with drawing paper, pens, and writing board longer than I can imagine. The waitress was one of those killed in a freak accident (where) possibilities are usually very slim, but do happen. But with a Holland Front Loader Tractor being driven by a young child that could verily touch the brakes with their own feet and not knowing they needed to stop at a four way intersection to look both ways first wasn't their no-brainer idea because ''who would imagine'' a woman just getting home from a grocery store needing to go back to town to buy a pack of cigarettes for her own child after traveling already 19 miles to get home. Would have to go back to town to support the only kid she had in the whole world and would speed up to get things done when I would be eating a hotdog down at a Hart's station to seeing the child's mother's boyfriend come in (verily getting back from Iraq after a short term to find more work to help them out both) would walk in and walk out of the store. To being met up with another vehicle and friends telling him the bad news. Then seeing him jump in his truck to speed out of the driveway....How would I known he was on his way to the wreck, that just had happened ten minutes before I pulled in to the station. She had died in his arms. After the tractor stripped it into shreds with its bucket and metal spike teeth.

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Don't Worry I'm sure there is a bad storm brewing me an ice cold of cocktail-coffee outside. That can be the only explanation. Unless you know something I dodn't know?

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I cannot believe it. Microsoft turn my site and motion to move forward off for fifteen minutes.



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