Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 14/11/2017

Funny thang' Im waking up out of a delayed coma sleep syndrome. And during the last six years I begin to notice i would be using words i never thought i knew of before. Then just yesterday "i begin to notice something else new" I begin to remember things I didn't right down first for things I needed in each store I visited, better than for many years. "I feel unbelievable more than ever" as my mind catches on lawyer work and terminology I cannot believe Im starting to remember since 1980-86. When I hung around a lawyer in certain investigations. Even 1992 in Rockdale Texas I had to communicate with lawyers down there due to ignorance with some law officials that left me open in a disturbingly way. Thoughtfully I figured I would get myself out of a certain mess and now I realize after all these years my mind was still in transit all because of a toxin put in my system by kidnappers in 1979. I shouldn't of survived the dreaded dose they gave me. My head was numb for many years following. Now im fully waking up. Awful late' it seems today and now for myself; aaron a amyx of utah.

Avatar solida_lua

Solida_lua On 14/07/2016

Me gusta!

Un abrazo

Avatar aaronamyx

aaronamyx On 19/07/2016

for me too - I like that and enjoy the all natural beauty of colorful fashion on women

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