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Best Selection of Budder and Dabbables in Vancouver BC

Budder has been lab tested by Dr. Paul Hornby to be 99.7% THC. Budder which is below 90% THC would no longer be classed as budder. Budder was invented by the 'BudderKing' in Vancouver (Canada).

Here are a few ways how to smoke budder:

'Quarter Mile Method' (for those with electric stoves) - Heat up a quarter on the element of your stove till the quarter is glowing red hot. Have a tiny amount of Budder (an amount the size of a pin head or slightly larger) ready on the end of a long metal pin.

As soon as the quarter is glowing red hot, turn off the stove burner, and allow the quarter to cool SLIGHTLY, but only slightly (5 seconds).

Touch down the pin to the top of the quarter, and inhale the resulting smoke through your mouth. It helps to catch it all if you use a paper towel tube. Hold in the smoke for 15 seconds, then exhale and take a seat. Repeat if necessary.

Hot Knife Method - Heat up the tip of a single hot knife with a blowtorch, torch lighter, or gas stove. Then, allow it to cool slightly.

Have a tiny amount of Budder ready on the end of a pin, touch it down onto the tip of the hot knife. Be sure to keep the blade of the knife flat, as Budder liquifies instantly when heated.

Come check out the Green Room Society for yourself, for the best in smokeables, edibles, and dabables in Vancouver. Get comfortable in house, chill at the lounge with the couches, TVs, and old school computer and arcade games like Mortal Kombat, Pac Man, and classic pinball.

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